RGB team's has many years of experiences in operating web-sites; our business line would be more different areas coming in the future:

Our business includes :

FindCI.com - Coming soon!

FindCI.com is our creative channel that combines with design information, sales, competitions, and companies’ recruitment. People can do online technical information exchange and enhance online learning opportunities through our platform.

We would help to enhance Hong Kong' s design level and creative value.

Advcircle.com - Coming soon!

Advcircle stand in Hong Kong to look around the world. We create a free interactive classified site for organizations, companies, freelances, clubs, societies and associations to promote their business. Here is a platform for service providers and also a community where users can interact with different service providers. Our services coverage includes Hong Kong,Shenzhen, Macau and Taiwan. We are now aggressive to expand; we hope to provide services in more areas in the nearest future.

Merchants who want to promote to targeted consumers browsing in our website, they just need create a profile and post an advertising message in a suitable category. Each platform also has a message board, consumers which browsing adv can directly conduct requires. Advcircle provides a comprehensive yet user friendly tool to your business, in both publicity and promotional services.

Please pay attention to our business channels, we Still under Construction.